Massacre in Szczurowa 

To date, around 180 sites have been identified where Sinti and Roma were murdered by the execution commandos of the SS, the police and the Wehrmacht in occupied Poland. One of these sites is the village of Szczurowa near Cracow. Early in the morning of 3 July 1943, the houses of the Roma families were surrounded by a commando under German leadership. The Roma were taken to the cemetery, where they were shot.

01 | Krystyna Gil at her Communion. By escaping at the very last second, she managed to survive a massacre at Szczurowa that claimed the lives of ninety-three local Roma; she was five years old at the time. Documentation Centre Archives
02 | Roma musicians from Szczurowa performing at a wedding reception. The violinist in the foreground on the left was the grandfather of Krystyna Gil; he, too, was among the victims. Documentation Centre Archives